Climate Change Impacts on the Grid of Tomorrow 473
Climate Change Impacts on the Grid of Tomorrow
As climate change reshapes our energy landscape, the imperative to fortify the grid against its impacts has never been more pressing. This panel convenes experts and visionaries to delve into the critical nexus between climate change and grid resilience. Discussions will underscore the urgency of investing in climate adaptation, highlighting the stark contrast between present costs and the exorbitant toll of inaction. Emphasizing the need for modernized grid planning to empower communities amidst an uncertain future, panelists will advocate for adaptive strategies and innovative solutions. Moreover, the session will spotlight the imperative of enhanced collaboration among industries, governments, and communities to steer a transition towards a clean energy future that prioritizes equity. By fostering dialogue and actionable insights, this session aims to chart a course for a resilient, adaptive grid capable of navigating climate impacts while fostering an inclusive, sustainable energy paradigm for all.
Date & Time
Thursday May 9th, 2024 3:00pm PDT
End Date & Time
Thursday May 9th, 2024 4:00pm PDT
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