Building the Asset Management Practice 377
Building the Asset Management Practice
This course is designed to provide foundational details on how organizations can establish an AM practice, in order to produce functional AM results within their organization. This will include extensive discussions within the following areas: • AM Foundation: Establishing a solid AM foundation leveraging industry standards & best practices (e.g. ISO 55000, GFMAM, IAM AM Model) and key foundational documents (e.g. AM Policy, SAMP & AMPs). • AM Analytics: Introducing objective, repeatable and data-driven decision-making intelligence & analytics that closely align with ISO 55000. • AM Planning: Leveraging the AM Foundation and Intelligence to produce justified capital & maintenance investment plans ensuring that the right actions are undertaken to the right assets at the right time. • AM Improvement: Continually improving the AM practice by introducing reporting processes to manage and track outcomes. Ultimately, this course is designed to provide organizations with direction on how they can deliver justified, actionable, and prudent decisions for transmission and distribution infrastructure, including project prioritization reports, capital & maintenance investment plans, business cases and value frameworks.
Date & Time
Monday May 6th, 2024 1:00pm PDT
End Date & Time
Monday May 6th, 2024 5:00pm PDT
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